About Farah’s Courtyard Deli


New DeliFood service has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. As a child, I used to hang out in my grandfather’s bakery on the Westside of Jacksonville where he operated Farah’s Pita Baking Company. Throughout grade school and high school, I helped my parents run their delicatessen in Arlington. And while in college, I served as a banquet chef at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium. After graduating from J.U. In 1992, I continued working in another family business as an owner/operator at St. Johns Seafood and Steaks. In 2007, I helped my family open Farah’s Pita Stop Cafe on the Southside of Jacksonville. And in September, 2009, the Courtyard Deli became my newest venture.


New Deli 2A lot has changed throughout my 30 years in the food service industry. I know how hard you work to earn a dollar. That’s why we strive to provide a great value by offering quality meals at an affordable price. One thing has not changed. We won’t compromise quality. We use only the finest products and ingredients in the preparation of our food. There are no shortcuts taken and there is no compromise. Regardless of the cost of quality, we’ll keep it affordable. So our pledge to you is this.